Really Simple Guest Post Plugin for WordPress

Really Simple Guest Post Plugin  will help you to generate a guest posting form in the simple and easiest way.

Looking for wordpress guest post plugin? Use Really Simple Guest Post Plugin and allow your visitors to submit posts without registration (as a guest author). Anyone will be able to submit post and it will be added automatically as pending post. After reviewing you will be decide which posts approved for publish and which are rejected. Submitted posts will be included with author name, email address, author url, post title, description and keyword tags. Use simple short-code [mag-simple-guest-post redirect="URL" author="username"] (URL= Put your selected page/post url to redirect after form submit. Author= confirm your selected author username) inside page or post content to show guest posting form.

All Features:

  • Really Simple Guest Post Plugin will create a form where your guests can submit their posts.
  • Posts will be directly saved into WordPress database and will show up in Admin Dashboard as pending post with given Title, Description, Category and Tags.
  • Moderator will be able to review and approve them as needed.
  • Authors Name, Author url and email will be added as custom field.
  • So simple and user friendly

Live Preview:

Note: Please read full description for better use.


1. Upload `` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.

2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Dashboard.

Nice!!! Plugin upload and activation have been completed!!

More User Guide

Create a new page/post with the name “Really Simple Guest Post” or whatever you like best.

If you don’t want to use custom redirect url or author then use this shortcode [mag-simple-guest-post] into the page/post and publish it. It will publish post under admin and redirect will be to homepage.

If you think this plugin is really helpful for you then give a 5 star review to say thanks.

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  1. Zahed Kamal says

    Hehehe… Im first…. i want it for my blog! Need to use it before i ask any question! :)

    Thanks you, Ataul

    • Ataul Ghani says

      Yeah, Sure! You can ask any question about it. BTW Thanks for your comment.

      • Zahed Kamal says

        Hi Ataul, you didnt send the plugin!!!

        • Ataul Ghani says

          It’s already available at

  2. Everest says

    I just tried your plugin and it worked great, i really love it, i first saw it in one of the blog i visited but i didn’t know it was your plugin God bless you and trust me you deserve the 5 star rating as requested.

    • Ataul Ghani says

      Thank you! Please share this plugin with others and give a review. Stay with me.

  3. Santhosh says

    works great thanks dude keep rocking

    • Ataul Ghani says

      Stay with us! Thanks for your recommend.

  4. cjt says

    Hi there.
    Thanks for the plugin, it’s just what I needed!

    One question: how do we get the guest author’s name, e-mail and website on the panel? It appears on my own name only…

    Thanx in advance,

    • Ataul Ghani says

      You can use get_post_meta() in your theme to show those info on your site. . Thanks for your comment and don’t forget to share with others.

      • cjt says

        Thanx, man! Will do!

  5. Alok Srivastava says

    Thanks for this plugin…but I still not able to get the Name, email and website of the person sharing the article. please help

    • Ataul Ghani says

      Use get_post_meta() in your theme to show those info on your site. Feel free to share this plugin with others.

  6. says

    This plugin is very simple, I like this plugin, I think only one drawback of this plugin is no option category, keyword tags only option, if there is no option to create a category of authors may also want to confuse what category is given in the article sent, I hope this plugin will be updated adding the next category option in the capture of the category on the blog, this plugin is overall pretty good.

    • Ataul Ghani says

      Thanks for your feedback & good suggestion. I will think about this option in next update. Stay with us to get more!

  7. Glu says

    Hi, is it possible to add others fields to really-simple-guest-post plugin?
    If yes, how?


  8. Tara Dye says


    When selecting the category for the net post it refreshes and sends to home page before article can be submitted. Am I doing something wrong?


    • Tara Dye says

      I’m also unable to located where to put the code for guest blogger name and email?

      • Ataul Ghani says

        It’s just for post meta option. If you use get_post_meta() then name and email will see into theme. Thanks

    • Ataul Ghani says

      Just add short-code into post or page. It will be post as pending post into dashboard. It will be redirect your homepage or selected page after submit post.

  9. Neharika says


    I have used this plugin in my website and I find it really nice. Just 1 problem which I am unable to resolve that whenever I select the category it redirects me to the page where the posts of that category are shown without submitting the post.

    If I am not clear with the explanation of the problem, you can see it at :

    Try submitting the post and you will get the problem what I am facing.

    Waiting for the solution


    • Ataul Ghani says

      OK, I got this problem. I will fix this in next update…

  10. Wayne S. says

    This plugin looks very promising! However what would make it just about perfect is if it would work with a CAPTCHA plugin like SweetCAPTCHA.

  11. Mike Dodd says

    I need more info as to where to input get_post_meta(). It currently makes no sense to me as to where to put that code. All the other parts of this works awesome. But no matter how I look at it, I cannot get the author info to show on the post.

    A better explanation on how to get that to show on the post would be awesome.


  12. Alice says

    Hi!. I did everything as written in the instructions above but yet I don’t get any posts on my dashboard, at all. And, as Mike, I also don’t get it where to put that get_post_meta()

  13. John says

    Is there a way to remove the tag field? I do not want guests to create new tags.

    • Ataul Ghani says

      Yes, But you need to change tag code on plugin files. If you are not expert on this then you can take our team support with a little charge.

  14. steve says

    Hi and thanks for the plugin. I uploaded and activated but do not see any sign of it on my front page? Not being a techie I would appreciate some help getting it up and running.

    • Ataul Ghani says

      Hello Steve, Thanks for using my plugin. Actually after install you just need to input a simple short-code [mag-simple-guest-post redirect=”URL” author=”username”] in your desire page or post. Then form will be display on it. Please read full details to get more idea.

  15. JC says

    Hi Ataul,

    This plugin is very useful indeed, I’ve installed it but want some modifications before I fully use it, How do you support such changes.,

    Very much interested on this plugin. Thanks.

  16. Darcy Voutt says

    This is a very good light plugin and easy to make changes to. I’m doing a bit of hacking but one thing I can’t seem to get to work is the default category. I’ll explain my goal, instead of users choosing the category I want it to be pre-selected and they never have to see it in the form.

    1. I want to hide the category option (so I removed it from the ‘simple-guest-post.php’ form
    2. I changed the cat attribute in the array of the same file to a different number (from 1 to 3), as follows:

    function reallysimpleguestpost_shortcode( $atts ) {
    extract ( shortcode_atts (array(
    ‘cat’ => ‘3’,
    ‘author’ => ‘2’,
    ‘redirect’ => get_bloginfo(‘home’),
    ), $atts ) );

    Unfortunately this does not seem to select the category of which I have selected (I got the ID #3 from the URL after creating the category). But the changing of author 1 to 2 works just fine.

    Is there anything I’m missing?

    • Ataul Ghani says

      Do you want to remove completely category option from there? Don’t need to show me codes just let me know shortly.

      • Darcy Voutt says

        (1) Yes, I don’t want anyone to see category options at all.
        (2) I want all posts to publish to a specific category within the site.

        • Ataul Ghani says

          I will give you a way to remove category option 1 but sorry for no 2 option.
          Remove following code from simple-guest-post.php file to hide category option from form.

          ‘. wp_dropdown_categories(‘show_option_none=Select a category…&tab_index=4&taxonomy=category&hide_empty=0&echo=0′) .’

          If you need anymore support then will not be allow on free support, you should take pro installation support. Thanks

  17. Scott says

    Good stuff. Thank you.
    Getting a 404 error message whenever the article is submitted.
    Also, is there a way for images to be uploaded or the form edited?

    • Ataul Ghani says

      I think it’s wrong on your theme so please can you check it with another theme then will be sure about this problem. Anyway, thanks for your comment.

  18. Kevin Unger says

    very good plugin ! :D
    On my submitting Page I deleted the Tag, Email, Title and URL only Author and Description is left and I chanded that the post isn`t pending. The post is published instantly. In this Post there is only the content and not the author. How can I do it that the author is added in the post. You wrote something about using get_post_meta(),but I don´t know where I have to put this. Can you help me?
    ps. Sorry for my bad english. Im german ;D

      • Dianne Provenzano says

        Thank you but I have no idea what you are talking about. I was referred to this post to answer my question about the posts not appearing in my dashboard (or anywhere) and the fact that the website goes to a blank page on your website when I hit “submit” the guest blog form. Does this Post Meta code instruction address that issue?

        • Ataul Ghani says

          @Dianne, If you use this function then those option will show in your post view on live. It’s post meta which used as custom filed so it will be automatically published on your guest post custom field option. That’s it. If you need anymore help on setting up this then can take an consultant support to get more about it. Thanks!

          • Dianne Provenzano says

            Thanks for the response. So the posts will automatically go live and not in the pending queue?

          • Ataul Ghani says

            Yes, The posting system as pending post.

          • Dianne says

            Thanks but I’m still confused because you answered both yes and no in one sentence. Again, will a guest post appear directly on the blog without the opportunity for approval? Yes or no please.

            And my original issue is that submit button does not work. When a sample post was done using the plugin and I hit “submit” I go to a blank page on Free Blogging And the post does not appear anywhere on the site live or pending.

            Is post meta implementation REQUIRED for full functionality of the plugin?

          • Ataul Ghani says

            No, I think you have changed something on code. If you use plugin file from then it will not be wrong. No post meta implementation REQUIRED for full functionality of the plugin. Please download plugin again and try on your site. Thanks!

  19. Sanjin says

    (1.) I wrote a comment before Kevin. After that is my comment waiting for approval and then did not show up. I guess it was deleted. Why? Because I asked when we can expect that the plugin works in responsive mode?
    I subscribe to the comments and regularly receive messages …
    (2.) I’m a few hours trying to figure out the function get_post_meta(). I went through the entire Internet about it. Ataul, would not it be easier to give a concrete answer and an example of how to do this?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Ataul Ghani says

      @ Sanjin, I’m really sorry to know about your comment was removed or missing. This plugin will work as responsive mode. Most of the theme included get_post_meta option but most of the themes need to add this function manually. And I gave a post tips about how to get rid on get_post_meta. I can’t give anymore ways. If you don’t understand that then take support from a web designer or Theme designer. Thank You!

      • Sanjin says

        Thanks Ataul! That would be helpful.
        But I have an idea for a simpler and more efficient solution. The first three fields (Your Name, Email Address, Website URL) should be removed. Instead, under the field “Description” can add another field (Think of it as the “Description” which consists of 2 parts) – “Author Bio.” Here guest poster enter name, email, url and something briefly about yourself. On the result page, this can be framed. This can be boxed or otherwise highlighted. There would be no more need for “get_post_meta”. Plugin will work by default on all WP Themes. And it would look really nice. In this way we get a really “Really Simple Guest Post Plugin”. Thanks in advance.
        Ataul, what do you think of this idea?

        • Ataul Ghani says

          @Sanjin, Thanks for your suggestions. It’s not so easy to add on plugin. I like it, I will think about it.

  20. Remi Badozi says

    Hi Ataul and thanks for this really simple to use plugin! Just one question… is there any way you could add the option for authors to submit an image (and/or image url) for their posts?


  21. Sergi Jimenez says

    Hello! The plugin is great but I have two problems:

    1) The entries made ​​by users are in Spanish with graphic accents and characters specific to the Latin Extended. When the message reaches the administrator these characters are not displayed correctly. Any tips?

    2) It is possible to force the user to only publish under a particular category?

    Many, thank you very much and good job!

  22. Peter T says

    Nice plugin, but you really need to add recaptcha to it. Otherwise it’s becoming a dump for spambots.

    • Ataul Ghani says

      Will be added later! Thanks for your recommendation.

      • Sweet ✨ Serendipity says

        Hi! I really like this plugin and would like to start using it more for guest bloggers. But The author name, email address and website don’t get sent to me or anything, so I don’t know you submitted the article. Is there a solution for this? That would be great! :)

  23. Miroslav Dimitrov says

    Nice plugin, I just install it and like it. But could you please explain how to translate the labels? Thank you

  24. Mohammed Saimon says

    Very nice plugin.
    BTW could you please tell me from where I’ll get the name of post author?

  25. Tristan Weatherburn says

    Yes, where does the name of the Author go? Seems to disappear unless the user is already registered with WordPress… What do you mean by “Authors Name, Author url and email will be added as custom field.”

    • LBI Buzz says

      Same experience is happening for me. Otherwise, this is working great for my needs. Thank you for this plugin.

      • Sweet ✨ Serendipity says

        Did you find a solution yet? This plugin would be so helpful if all this information didn’t get lost.

    • Sweet ✨ Serendipity says

      Did you find a solution yet? This plugin would be so helpful if all this information didn’t get lost.. :D

      • Tristan Weatherburn says

        No. A shame to make 99% of a cool plugin, then stop. I gave up on this plugin (and I imagine everyone else did too) because of ONE problem + no support.

  26. Frank Spaulding says

    I would like to be able to add more fields, is this an easy thing to do with your plugin?

  27. Mitchell Tuckness says

    How do we remove fields? And how do we restrict Categories?

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